I think that it is funny that people are so afraid of hurting my fragile feelings that they wind up actually wounding me deeply.  OK–maybe it’s not funny haha, but it is kind of ironic.

I don’t understand where the perception of me being so weak comes from.  I’m a survivor.  I have survived things that only one or two people in the world know about.  There are battles going on right now in my life that no one knows about, but you know what?  I find myself standing.  Yes, I am having bouts with anger and self-doubt.  But in the end, I know one thing and one thing only–what does not kill me will make me stronger.

So, please, don’t hold back to protect my feelings.  It does not help me, and it certainly does not help you.  Frankly, I respect people who are honest with me a whole lot more than those who are standing around telling me what they think I want to hear.

Here’s a Linkin Park song that says it all.  Love those guys.

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