I know it’s getting longer and longer between blogs.  And that my blogs are more about what’s going on in my life than anything too inspirational.

That’s a season I’m in.  I try to fight it, but then writer’s block hits me over the head like a lead balloon.

I’m heading to the beach for a night tomorrow.  Looking forward to spending QT with my friend Mindy.  It’s amazing that we grew up together but are just getting to know each other in the past few months.  There are some parallels in our lives that are striking…and can only be attributed to God’s timing.

Right now I need to hear the steady rumble of the surf.  The ocean reminds me of how small I am and how large the God I love and adore is; it reminds me of how not constant I am and how constant the King of kings and Lord of Lords is.  The one place that I feel completely at peace is near the ocean.  My mind is quieted, my soul is content.

I pray that God speaks to me in a way that only He can during my short time near the Atlantic.  I hear a lot of different voices in my head–friends, family, leaders, pastors…but with all of that white noice, I am having trouble hearing the voice of the Lover of my soul.

My heart and flesh cry out.  I need to hear YOUR voice, oh Lord.

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