Mi casa


My kitchen…I spend a lot of time in here.100_0818
My big front window.  I have a tree protecting me from peeping toms.  Haha.
100_0836Living room brought to you courtesy of Ikea. I’m watching the Phillies/Marlins game…right now the Phils are losing…boo
100_0831A view of my stove.  The oven and I don’t get along.  We kind of set off the fire alarm Saturday night.  Not a good time.100_0819My bathroom.  I have lots of hot water now.  Anytime of day or night.  That, my friends, is high living.
100_0820My bedroom.  Still needs to be made more mine…but heck, I can sleep.100_0824I love my front window.  It’s so…big.  

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