Season of dreaming

I think that dreaming is under-rated.  I think that dreamers are misunderstood.  

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Joseph.  Youngest son of 12.  Favorite child of his father.  Jealous brothers.  Joseph has a dream.  Brothers gets insanely jealous, pretend he’s dead, sell him into slavery.  Joseph ends up in jail.  Twice.  Famine hits the land.  Joseph’s is elevated to the second highest position in the country.  (After being sold into slavery…) Joseph’s dream comes true.

That’s the cliff’s notes version.  Joseph had to have a lot of faith in his dream for it to come true.  A lot of obstacles rose in front of Joseph that could’ve knocked his vision off of what God told him in the dream.  I’m sure he had moments, in the jail time, when Potiphar’s wife was being a deceptive woman, when Joseph wanted to throw in the towel and become apathetic toward his life, his dreams.

I’m coming out of a season of apathy toward my dreams.  “I guess that was just that…a dream.  Not a vision, but a dream.”  But, over the past week, I’m seeing all of these dreamers starting to chase their dreams.  One of my friends started writing a novel.  Another is pursuing stand-up comedy.  A guy I respect greatly is leaving an amazing job, moving to another city, and starting a company he’s wanted to start for 10 years.

Next week I’m starting a new phase of my life.  Not only am I moving to the city, I am going to start pursuing my dreams.  I have books rolling around in my head.  It’s time to move.  Something in the air is awaking the dreamers to chase down their dreams.  Apathetic leaders catalyze dreamers to mobilize.

Dreamers–arise out of your slumber and start chasing your dreams.  What do you have to lose?

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