I’m leaving…on a jet plane

100_0759I have been so excited all day.  Tomorrow I head off to St. Louis to visit with some of my best friends in the world.  I even got my hair did. 

These friends are the people you don’t talk to for months–or even years–but when you see them, it’s like only 20 minutes have elapsed.  I’m excited to get to know my friend’s husband.  I can’t wait to just be around them. 

Tomorrow night is girl time.  (Insert big smiley Deneen face here.)  Saturday we’re going to museums and walking around St. Louis.  Saturday evening we’re having dinner near the arch.  Sunday we’re going to church and I get to meet their church family.  I have a feeling that getting on the plane on Sunday morning is going to be tough.

Fortunately, I have a reason to come home.  Next week life will to back to normal.  No late weeknights.  No being a band groupie.  I’ll be a dental groupie once again.  Just the way that I like life.

Though last weekend/St. Patty’s Day was fun too…

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