Happy Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, there is one man that I think of every year.

When I was a small child, right around Valentine’s Day, a package would arrive.  My sister and I would be so excited.  We were never allowed to open the package until Valentine’s Day, but we knew what the brown paper covered box contained…a huge heart full of chocolates from my Opa.

He and my Oma lived in Syracuse, about 250 miles away from my hometown.  We saw them 2-3 times a year, so our time spent with them was special.  

My Opa was not the most open of men.  I always knew he loved me, but he never really said it with words.  Only one time can I recall him saying that he loved me.  It was after a fifth of whiskey.  The only time he ever literally said “Goodbye” was the last time I saw him.  

On Valentine’s Day, the day that most people are thinking of their significant other, I think of my Opa.  I love you and miss you.

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