Silence is not complacency

Apparently, the fact that I blogged against child slavery pissed someone off.  They called me a curse word.  I have a word to say.  Whatever.

I know I’ve been silent on human trafficking, child slavery and the sex trade for a while now.  Frankly, I don’t know what to say.  The subject makes me…emotional to say the least.  

Human trafficking has to stop.  This is not something that can be stopped naturally.  The problem is that there are some men have an appetite for women and children.  I’d bet all of my future earnings that high ranking officials of the US government have a vested interest in NOT stopping trafficking.  If that were not true, why would they build so many loop holes into the laws against trafficking?

Child slavery is horrific.  Again, this is not something that can be stopped naturally.  We all love our chocolate, coffee, and inexpensive items produced by the hands of children in third world countries.  People continue to import children into the US to work in their houses, their depraved minds thinking that they’re doing the poor kid a service.  As against child slavery as I am, I still find myself indulging in a Hershey bar or craving a Nestle Flake bar.  I drink coffee from Starbucks daily, and I don’t check the “free trade” box.  

The sex trade.  What to say about this subject?  These people are so BRAZEN that they are asking our government for a BAILOUT.  They want my tax dollars to supplement their income.  I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they don’t get a few billion dollars.  Porn is becoming as common as Disney movies.  While there are a few women who choose to be porn stars, the vast majority are forced into the industry, many imported in conditions worse than livestock from foreign countries, their passports and identification confiscated.

The fact of the matter is that human beings do not have the capacity within themselves to stop indulging in their sweet little treats.  It will take divine intervention for these industries to be stopped.  My words on this blog raise awareness.  However, the words that I am speaking, on my knees, are the most effective action that I can take.

Do not mistake my silence for complicity or complacency.  I am fully realizing the necessity of God in eradicating these black marks off of the map.

One thought on “Silence is not complacency

  1. I agree that people find it hard to “stop indulging”, but most will if they are shocked into realization on any particular subject. Fact is most people are not aware.
    This problem is much bigger than many folk believe and is multinational. There was an interview on British BBC Radio a couple of years ago, where a young woman was telling her story of being kidnapped and held prisoner as a sex slave for 18 months, in the UK! She stated that there were ‘”many” women being held on the same site as her during this period. I was so affected by her story that I am now actively working to raise the awareness of this problem. It is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 women are illegally transported for sex each year! you can read more on my blog
    I have also written a book (fiction) which highlights the nightmare conditions in which these poor victims are forced to live and the violence and abuse used against them –

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