I’m fine

I would like to let my male readers in on a little secret.  Don’t tell the other girls I told you. 

If a woman says that she’s “fine,” she’s not.  It’s tough to translate into dude language, though.

Sometimes fine means, “I am not doing well, and I can’t talk about it because I may have an emotional outburst that will make you uncomfortable, and in turn, it will make me uncomfortable because you are uncomfortable.”

Sometimes fine means, “I am so upset with you that if I tell you how I am, I will tell you how I really feel and I’m afraid that I will be exposed for the crazy woman I am.”

Sometimes fine means, “I don’t know what is wrong, but it’s not right.”

I hate the word fine.  I only use it when I literally don’t have the words, or the emotional strength to tell you how I am really doing.

Now, I’ve outted myself.  Looks like I can’t use the word fine anymore 🙂

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