Self-conscious irony

Whenever I write, I am cognizant of my audience.  Sometimes I try to forget who can potentially read my blog, but there is a high degree of self-consciousness.  I read a lot.  My self-consciousness makes me wonder if other writers have the same issue that I do.

How do you overcome that self-consiousness?  

Last night I was challenged sternly to start writing.  Tomorrow I’m heading to get a new moleskin, completely dedicated to my ramblings.  I’ll probably get a new pen too.  Nothing is more inspirational than a new pen.

If anyone has the answer to the self-conscious question, please, PLEASE give me advice.  I need it.


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5 Responses to Self-conscious irony

  1. pochp says:

    I don’t think one could reach her/his writing apex without self-consciousness. So I suggest that you start making self-consciousness your ally. I have done that.

  2. chill pastor says:

    Be true to who you are…You just being you is the reason I read your stuff. Don’t worry; let the words that God gives you FLOW…


  3. deneenwhite says:

    How does one make self-consciousness one’s ally?

  4. deneenwhite says:

    Thanks for the encouragement chillpastor. It is greatly appreciated.

  5. dudeguy says:

    It’s ok to have a comment.

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