Child slaves

I just watched Law and Order and I’m angry.

I am disgusted that there are so many people in the world who are willing to buy children, bring them to the US so that they can have a “better life.”  SERIOUSLY?  I know that conditions in Haiti and so many other countries are absolutly horrific.  However, purchasing a human being is morally depraved.  If you really want to give a kid a better life, ADOPT an orphan.  There are millions in the world waiting for a family.  There are thousands upon thousands here in the US looking for a family.

What really upset me about Law and Order tonight is how accurately they portrayed what happens to so many children.  The child in the episode tonight was purchased in Haiti, smuggled into the US, enslaved by rich white people, coerced to murder by the rich couple’s daughter and SENT TO JAIL.  Yes, I understand that the kid murdered two rich white lawyers.  HOWEVER, the KID WAS PURCHASED.  HE’S THE VICTIM.

As I do more research, it seems that the victims–women trafficked for sex, children trafficked for slavery and/or sex are prosecuted like criminals rather than protected like victims.  What is wrong with our system?

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