Day two, PDA

Day two was great.  I really love my new job.  And I’m not just saying that because my boss reads my blog 🙂 

I have unrealistically high expectations of myself.  Yesterday I sat around wishing that I could do something…answer the phone, anything.  Today I had some Dentrix training and now I can set up appointments, check people in, apply payments to patients’ accounts.  I can even answer the phone.  If you call, watch out.  You may just talk to me.  Don’t ask me anything too complicated, though..

I enjoy interacting with people.  Some of them are crazy, of course, but overall, it seems like we have a great group of patients.  Today we had some kids.  One girl was a CHATTERBOX.  She asked a million questions.  At the end of her family’s visit, her mom and sister were out the door, and she was talking away, thanking her doctor for taking care of her teeth.  It was adorable.  

I know that I am in this place for a reason.  I’m not trying to figure out the how and why.  I’m living in the moment, enjoying small victories.  

Tomorrow I get to sleep in…don’t have to be at work until 10AM.  Looks like I’ll miss the ice.  What a shame 🙂

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