An open note to the citizens of the US

Hello.  I understand that you haven’t traveled much, nor have you taken the time to study other cultures.  Let me give you a little lesson that I think you need to learn.

When someone in the Middle East insults your president, by throwing shoes, he’s not only insulting the president.  He is insulting YOU.

I really wish that you would take your heads out of the sand and think for a minute.  The Iraqi people are better off with Saddam Hussein dead.  He was an EVIL man who killed people without thought.  


The man who threw the shoe doesn’t only hate George W Bush.  He hates you.  If you consider yourself patriotic, don’t glamorize an insult to our entire country.  

But hey–you can do what you want.  This is America.

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3 Responses to An open note to the citizens of the US

  1. Anne says:

    i still love you…but this comes off a little condescending…

  2. deneenwhite says:


    I don’t know that I didn’t intend for it to have that tone. So many people blindly believe what they’re told when it’s not the whole truth, myself included.

  3. Anne says:

    santa is watching…be nice! 🙂

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