There have been times that I wanted to do something, but nothing fell into place, when I’ve had ideas that just never took form.  

Then, there’s this.  God has blown my mind over the past week or two since my heart has been broken for the victims of human trafficking.

Yesterday, I was stalking reading my tweetlater search and found a tweet that I found most interesting form a guy named Tim Kurek.  He said that he was excited that he had written his first blog on human trafficking.  I read the blog and started following him on Twitter

Check out his blogs–both are now on my Google Reader and are worth your time. 

Human trafficking is something that we all need to at the very least, be aware of.  Our next generation is being stolen from us, exploited, and discarded when their use is up.  One of these girls could be the doctor who finds a cure for cancer, AIDS.  One of these girls may be the next Deborah or Queen Esther.  Can you really sit back and allow this to happen?

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