Love 146

I’ve been talking a lot about human trafficking and child slavery here.  I don’t feel that I’ve given you something that you can do…I’ve put out a call to action without giving *something* to do.

Today, I found this group called Love 146. Click on the link and see what you can do.

Did you know that human beings are bought and sold on craigslist?  You can make a difference by flagging the advertisements and calling you local law enforcement agency.  

Did you know that two children are sold into slavery every minute.  While you’ve been reading this, two kids have been sold into slavery.  In the 21st century.

Check out the video below.  Check out the Love 146 website. Read their blog.

Please don’t sit there and do nothing. 2,880 children will be sold today. 1,051,200 children will be sold in the next 365 days. Do something.

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