Church party games

I went to the church Christmas party.  Christians are some COMPETITIVE people.  When it comes to games.  We played three games.

The Name Game
In this charming game, a sticker is placed on your back and you have to try to figure out the name that has been placed on your back.  I loathe this game.  I am not up on popular culture.  I don’t know the names of all of the characters in Christmas movies.  Heck…I haven’t seen most of the popular Christmas movies.  Let me tell you, though.  People take this game as seriously as cancer.  

Christmas trivia
For this game, your table is given two page test fun-filled quiz on Christmas movies.  Does anyone really know the name of the place where the Grinch lives?  Whose tongue got stuck on the pole?  The names of the bullies in A Christmas Story?  I was resourceful and tried to Google the answers on my phone.  One of the teenages nearly clawed my eyes out.  My table won.  But I was never successful with my Google search.  I’m just not a good Googler.

Musical chairs
You would think that this would be the most docile of the games, right?  A bunch of little kids running around trying to make sure that they find the empty chair.  If you insert teenagers and adults, you have a recipe for disaster.  While the adults were playing, they made sure the cute 3 year old always had a seat.  When they lost, the teenagers ate the kid for dinner.  Tears were shed.  Merry Christmas little girl.

With the competitive nature of most people in the church, I wonder what would happen if they took advancing the kingdom of God as seriously as naming the gift given on the 11th day of Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Church party games

  1. At least there wasn’t a white elephant/dirty santa. Not only does that game drag out forever, but somebody invariably brings a good gift that everyone wants and peoples’ feelings are hurt. I have seen the game reduced to people yelling at each other. At a church event. Gotta love the holidays.

  2. Hi Scott,

    That is TOO funny. If we had that game, there probably would’ve been bloodshed. I remember an incident at a party with a white elephant game that involved a book of Shakespeare and hurt feelings…for years.

    Happy holidays…lol

    Thanks for the comment!

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