I’m having a tough time getting into the American ideal of the Christmas spirit this year.  I’ve always known that the world is a messed up place.  I’ve never owned rose-colored glasses. Recently, though, I feel like I’ve received new lenses in my glasses…like scales have been taken off my eyes. 

I’ve lost my ability to walk through a store, smiling at all of the bright shiny objects calling my name, asking to be purchased for a loved-one.  When I attempt to buy an article of clothing, I find myself checking the label…not for the fabric content but for the country of origin.  

What I grieve most for is chocolate.  I like a Hershey’s bar once in a while.  I just recently discovered where I can buy my favorite English chocolates.  But I am having trouble indulging in one of my favorite treat knowing that children are being exploited, beaten, killed picking the product that becomes my delectable treat.

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