I’d like a triple grande latte…

with a shot of the innocence of a child.

I cannot remain silent.  I’ve tried.  I’ve wanted to leave this issue to others…people who are more compassionate than I; people who have more influence than I; people who are more qualified than I.

Well, if I don’t start talking, I’m going to burst.  

Do you know what the biggest growth industry is in the world?   

Human trafficking.  

Don’t lie to yourself, saying that you’ve never encountered a trafficked person.  If you’ve ever been to a major city in any country in the world, I’m willing to bet every penny of my future earnings that you’ve brushed shoulders with a trafficked woman or child OR the trafficker.

Are you sick to your stomach?  Are you pissed at me for stirring your emotions?  Good.

One thought on “I’d like a triple grande latte…

  1. Great post Deneen–and thank you for using your blog to call more attention to an issue that most want to forget exists. Your response to the question I raised on my blog was so thoughtful. It’s great to follow you on Twitter and can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on making sure this ends in our lifetime.
    All the Best–

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