Lurker, identify thyself

I’m getting excited for the new WordPress 2.7 so that I can have more fun and interactivity on my blog.  I love pontificating, but I think we’d (all three or four of us) have more fun if I could do more with the blog.

Anyway…I thought I’d create a poll to, umm…foster y’all to talk back.  If you don’t, I’ll probably cry myself to sleep.  But don’t worry.  I’ll be fine.  🙂  

Talk to me friends.  Unless you want to make sure that Kleenex doesn’t need a bailout from the US government.  Haha.  I’m funny today.

3 thoughts on “Lurker, identify thyself

  1. I think we’re LONG overdue for a girls night…so sure, you can have a free cup of coffee…or a beer…or a cocktail 🙂

    Wow…now I’m paying people to take my poll. Maybe it’s good i don’t have too many readers…lol

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