Prop 8

I am seriously concerned about some of the goings on of my country.

Unless you are not from the US or live under a rock in the US, you know about Prop 8.  Gay marriage is the issue du jour here in the US.

I hear so many people crying out for the separation of church and state…stop the hate.  I don’t recall seeing any churches protesting outside of gay clubs, hurling slurs at homosexuals.  However, I saw a protest group tear a cross out of an old lady’s hand, basically accosting her.  Who should be asking whom to stop the hate?  Do we live in a country where, if you don’t get your way, it’s okay to assault little old ladies?

I’m a Christian.  I’ve actually read the Bible.  My Bible–and I have several translations within 6 feet of where I sit right now–says that I am supposed to love people unconditionally.  All people.  No matter their race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, trade, favorite football team.  To beat people over the head with a few lines of the Bible rather than loving them unconditionally as the totality of the Bible tells me would be for me to be judgmental, knocking people out with the plank in my own eye while trying to remove a speck of dust from their eye.

Christians…rather than verbally assaulting people who need to be loved, LOVE THEM.

People who are offended about Prop 8, I am really sorry that you are pissed, but your actions make me pity you rather than wanting to link arms with you. 

Christians and people who are offended by Prop 8…let’s try to get along, have a dialogue instead of yelling and screaming at one another.  Looking at the news, I can’t tell whether I am seeing footage from the US or from a third world country.  Let’s work together for an amenable end.

PS–If you hurl hate at me, I will not publish your venom. But I will pray for you 🙂

One thought on “Prop 8

  1. Great post Deneen. It is refreshing to see a person who obvioulsy values their religion take a stand agains those in the same religion who are not adhering to the basic rules of compassion and kindness. Both sides should read your post.

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