Can I be honest with you for a minute?

I’m back into my blog reading mode.  I took a hiatus from reading blogs for a while because it got to be too much.  I’m not a person who can do a little of something…I go way overboard.

Last week, I read a post on Tony Morgan’s blog that really bothered me, to the core.  Perry Noble talked to his staff and told them that if their current job (working at Newspring Church) is not their dream job that they should resign immediately.  (That is totally me paraphrasing.)  At least one person resigned.  Tony took it one step further on his blog and said that any person, even in corporate America, not working in their dream job should resign.

That’s a pretty high challenge.  And it’s made me think.  A lot.

My dream job?  I would love to be traveling the world, making people’s lives better.  I would love to preach the gospel all over the world; I want to take resources to people who need them.  I want kids to have shoes; I want mom’s to have food; I want people to have dreams; I want to grab women out o brothels, teach them a trade and watch them flourish.  I want people to know that Jesus is right next to them, even when they can’t see Him.  I want people to see that the answer to the unrest in their souls is not more work, more women, more alcohol, more exercise.  The answer is having a living, vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I think I’ve found my holy discontent.

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