Election results

Well, tonight history was made.  I am happy to know that I live in a country that is open minded enough to elect an African-American president.  I send my congratulations to Barack Obama. His grandmother would be so happy for him.  The emotional part of me wishes she had lived 24 more hours to see history made.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States of America.  America has received what it most desired.  So has the rest of the world.

I didn’t sleep last night.  All I could think about was this country that I live in.  I love this country.  I am deeply saddened, however, that we succumb much too easily to rhetoric and marketing. 

Bu then I started to think of Israel.  Israel wanted a king like the nations that surrounded her.  They wanted a pretty king that made them feel good about themselves.  So, they elected Saul as King.  God gave them what they wanted.  When it turned out that, while Saul was very attractive that he had some deep character flaws, the Israelites cried out, begging God for a new king.  God chose David.  What is awesome about David is that he served King Saul to the death, despite Saul trying to take his life repeatedly.  David had a chance to kill Saul when his pants were down, literally, but David had integrity and didn’t. 

The point I am trying to make here is that the election is over.  As a follower of Christ, my role is to pray for the leaders of this land.  I don’t like whatever it is that Barack Obama stands for.  Truthfully, I don’t think he knows what he stands for.  BUT–from this point forward, you will not see me complaining here on my blog about him.  I will simply be praying.

I wonder what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr would say about this day…is this his dream being fulfilled?  Surely his words are going to be applied to our new president ad nauseum.

2 thoughts on “Election results

  1. I awoke this morning to the breaking news that the USA will have her first African-American president. Remarkable. Indeed, this is a significant advance from where the USA once stood in the past. Dr. Martin Luther King JR would be proud.

    But as you say, whether he would stand by the policies of President-elect Obama is another story entirely.

    Obama is a voice for the people. But it seems he lacks deep convictions. Time will tell.

    Congratulations Obama. Hope you sleep better tonight, Deneen! 😀

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