Hear our prayer oh Lord

Just had an amazing experience with God with 200 of my new, closest friends.  We prayed for the election tomorrow.  The group was divided pretty evenly between democrats and republicans.  We prayed for the candidates, their children, their spouses.  No political rhetoric entered the arena.  Just prayer.  And love.  Love for the people who are created in God’s image despite how they are demonized in the media.

My life was irrevocably changed tonight.

Thanks, Los, for organizing this time of prayer.  May God bless you beyond measure.

Father, I pray for wisdom for your people tomorrow.  I pray for wisdom, grace, and discernment for the candidates and their families.  I pray for protection for our nation.  Father, no matter who wins, YOU ARE STILL AND ALWAYS WILL BE LORD. Amen and Amen.

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