Compassion trip to Dominican Republic

dr-resortsA few months ago, when I was at my last job, one of my tasks was to arrange a golf trip for the doctors who helped the training program I coordinated.  The pictures I saw were absolutely breathtaking.  The golf courses, astounding.  I wanted to go there in the worst way.

dr-povertyThen I remembered that the pretty pictures of the pretty resorts are not the reality for the majority of the people in Dominican.  Of course, that was WAY before this hurricane season.  There are people living in poverty.  There are children who are rummaging through garbage, looking for food.  The person who may find the cure to cancer or HIV may be there.

Right now, there is a group of bloggers there on a trip to visit children who are sponsored by Compassion.  I encourage you to pray for the bloggers who are there and the children/families that they encounter.  I ask you to consider sponsoring a child.

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