Politics 2008

I can’t wait until January 21.  That is the day after one of the presidential candidates gets sworn in.  Of course, that is going to start the NJ election season for governor.  Hopefully the crook Jon Corzine will get voted out of office.  The only reason–and it is ever so slight–that I want Barack Obama to win is because he’ll probably take the crook that is our governor to Washington. 

I am worn out from this election.  I am going to limp into my polling place, dejectedly cast my vote (which doesn’t count since NJ turned to a Democrat stronghold,) go to the liquor store, buy a bottle of wine, come home and watch to see what unfolds.

In all honesty, it doesn’t matter who wins.  Neither candidate will be able to keep his promises.  Even if our taxes are lower as individuals, we are going to wind up paying more for everything to account for the higher taxation of the corporations. 

Either presidency will be historic–either for having an African-American man as president or for having a female vice president.

No matter who wins, Jesus is still Lord.  He will be Lord if Barack Obama is president.  He will be Lord if John McCain is president.  He will be Lord if we never have a decision. 

This is something that I’ve lost sight of over the past few weeks. 

Yes, I have a definite opinion about who I would like to see elected.  But Jesus will not be dethroned no matter what.

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