Political correctness

I think that political correctness is a boil on the butt of our world right. 

Glad I got that off my chest.

I specifically called out liberals on twitter, but this infection goes much deeper than liberals.  It has affected every atom of our society.  Let me give you an example.

Tonight I was watching a new show.  It turns out that one of the political candidates’ websites made claims that were not true.  (Shocking, but stick with me.)  The interviewer said to the person being interviewed, “So basically, (((insert name of candidate here))) lied.”  The person being interviewed said, “Well, I would never call someone a liar.”  C’mon buddy.  If someone lies, that makes them a liar. 

Last summer, my younger niece and nephew went up to the window at the little league and ordered sno cones.  But they didn’t have any money.  And they were cognizant that in order to get the sno cones they were supposed to have money to pay for them.  The person working the stand thinks that these two are cute (and I completely agree) and laughed off their bad behavior, gave them the sno cones for free.  I was horrified.  I told them that they had stolen food from the little league.  At that moment in time, my niece and nephews were thieves.  Let’s just say that they’ve not done that since. 

We have to hold people accountable for their actions.  I’m a Christian and I should be compassionate, right?  Yes.  However, though God loves me (and every other person in the world) unconditionally, he is also a just God.  That means that people are held accountable for their actions.  Being compassionate does NOT mean letting people do whatever they want.  It means helping people be the best people that they can possibly be.  That means teaching–and expecting–people of all ages and professions (even POLITICIANS) to have integrity; to tell the truth and not lie; that stealing is wrong.

Political correctness forces us to make bad behavior sound pretty.  That politician is not a liar.  He told an untruth.  They didn’t steal; they were cute and I decided to give them something for free.  It’s not that guy’s fault he’s a child molestor, since he was born that way. 


Take a look at our society and tell me where political correctness is helping.  Our prisons are at full capacity.  Our media takes stolen emails and makes them public.  The US is holding people in undisclosed locations, with no charges officially filed against them, with no hope of release.  Women are being kidnapped, forced into prostitution, and they are being arrested instead of the perverts who PAY TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

I’m fired up.  And I AM NOT SORRY.

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