I’m getting tired

I am getting tired of questions being asked but not answered. 

Tonight I watched the debate between Senators McCain and Obama.  Seriously…do these guys understand that when someone asks a question, they EXPECT AN ANSWER. 

I don’t think that either of those characters “won the debate.”  How can someone win a debate where noone addresses the questions?  Yes, Senator Obama is a better orator.  That doesn’t make one a good leader, or a good option for a leader.  That means that you can stand up in front of an audience and spout off your rhetoric.

I don’t think that either one has a good answer for the economy.  From what I can see (as I work in a start up company) is that it would benefit the economy to lower corporate taxes so that companies, big and small, have a reason NOT to ship jobs overseas.  Frankly, the tax breaks offered by foreign countries make keeping jobs here fiscally irresponsible. 

Barack Obama wants to cut the taxes of the middle class.  Most of the middle class, after tax day, has no tax liability.  Thanks for the tax break…but seriously, I don’t need any more of a break.  What I need is for my company to have an incentive not to send my job to India or China.  Because if my job is outsourced, then I’ll need more than an unnecessary tax break.  I’ll need a job.  I need to pay my car loan.  I need to pay my student loans.  I need to pay for my credit cards.  Do you want me to be a part of the solution (one of the people who is able to pay my loans) or part of the problem (one of the people who can’t pay for m loans because I’m unemployed)?

To steal my favorite line from The Breakfast Club, “ANSWER THE QUESTION!”

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