Uncertain times

Today I had a lunch meeting with my boss and another guy.  The part that I love most about my job is meeting with a diverse cross-section of people who have dreams…dreams that are way different than anything that has been conceived by my beady little head.  The dreams of these men drive them.  They are willing to put everything on the line–even in these uncertain times–to pursue their ideas and ideals. 

Uncertainty is the only thing that I read when I peruse the web at the moment.  MSNBC, CNN, Fox News…all they are reporting is doom and gloom, how the stock market is going to crash and how we’ve got one foot on the next Great Depression and another on a banana peel.  There is some reactor in Switzerland that may or may not cause a black hole here on earth. 

I feel blessed because, though there is uncertainty all around me, it is not affecting my outlook on life.  Yes, I admit that I want the people who are responsible for the Wall Street debacle held accountable.  No, the US has no discernable leadership, noone willing to take responsibility for the state of our union. 

My future is not dependent on these things.  Your future is not dependent on these things.  No matter if the world ends after I hit publish, if the economy of the world crumbles, I know Who holds my future.  I know that God will work out ALL things for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.  The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

Yes, we live in uncertain times.  But you don’t have be uncertain about the future.  Any questions?  Ask away.

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