Sometimes you just have to shake your head

Today has been on of *those* days.  You know…the alarm goes off, and you over-snooze.  You arrive at work, barely able to function, despite the 20 oz of coffee slowing permeating your bloodstream. 

I logged into my gmail account this morning, and all of a sudden, my google chat window pops up.  Hi Deneen.  It’s my boss from my previous life.  I mean job.  There’s small talk.  How’s the new job?  How’s the family?  He tells me he misses me and that they’ll never find someone like me to fill my old position.  I tell him that they’ll find someone much better than I.  Then he asks me what the starting salary for the new position should be.  Blood pressure rises and I get…pissed?

Really?  I told you, when I accepted the position what I thought, at the very least, the salary should’ve been.  And instead, you paid me over $6,000 less.  Even though the previous holder of the position was paid $10,000 more than what I asked for originally.  And you brought someone over to do the job you told me that I was supposed to do.  And you marginalized my every effort to improve the system, making less than some kids who had no work experience.  You called me pessimistic when I suggested changes that needed to be made.  Or you took credit for the systems that I worked to put into place.  And now, six weeks later, you have the gall to ask for my input?  And imply that, who knows, maybe one day we’ll be working together again?  Seriously?

I’m still waiting for the crew of Candid Camera to hop out from behind the cabinet and say, “GOTCHYA!  You’re on Candid Camera!”

Some days I shake my head and thank God that I no longer work in the Theatre of the Absurd.

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