Rigorous discussions

For the last couple of days, I’ve been involved in some rigorous discussions…discussions that have lasted late into the night–or rather early into the morning. 

These discussions, in the word of my co-discussor, have been invigorating.  Just as I’m ready to pass out with my laptop on my lap, I see an email in my inbox and I have to read it.  I’ve been dreaming about our dialogue–no joke.  Imagine waking yourself up, saying, “But you have to understand, omnipotence doesn’t mean that man doesn’t have free will.”  No joke, no exaggerating, I woke myself up at 4AM saying that. 

Last year when I tried my hand at seminary, I enjoyed writing the papers and doing the research.  For me, that stuff is really easy.  I also enjoyed the discussion board.  But–there is something different about having a conversation with someone who doesn’t believe what you believe, who asks tough questions.  The questions are not arrogant, which has been my previous experience with these discussions.  The other person would ask me a question, tell me that my answer was stupid, and I’d hit delete, knowing that we weren’t having a discussion, we were having a, “Look how dumb the stupid Christian is.”

So, today I’m exhausted.  Spent.  Going to bed quite early.  Trying to avoid the temptation of the inbox.

Oh yeah…I forgot.  Fall Ball starts tomorrow.  The games at least.  My boy is pitching…PLAY BALL!!!!!!

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