Doctor’s appointment

Today I had one of those annual visits.  Can you say “awkward?”  No matter how many visits I have, it is always awkward.  I’ve been to male doctors.  I’ve been to female doctors.  Not matter what…awkward.  And those gowns.  They should come with an instruction manual.  Today mine was color-coded, thankfully.  Last time…yeah…it was embarassing.

I really think that there should be someone in the waiting room serving glasses of wine for women waiting for their exam and for the men who accompany them…obviously not to the pregnant women…duh.  When my doctor told me that I really needed to relax, I wanted to punch her.

I know a lot of people who are afraid of going to the dentist.  I can understand that…some of those instruments, when coming toward your mouth paired with the sound of the drill are frightening.  But let’s be honest.  At least you have your clothes on.  Just sayin.

4 thoughts on “Doctor’s appointment

  1. You’d think that they could invent some sort of non-invasive way to examine….yeah. If guys had to have those appointments, you know that would be accomplished in two seconds FLAT.

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