I had a bit of a dialogue with someone regarding my post asking why people are so against Creationism being taught in schools.  I threw down a gauntlet, so to speak, last night. 

Though the meat of the argument is ostensibly faulty science, the words used against creationism are mostly inflammatory and subjective–stupid, dumb…again, all subjective, not objective terms. 

What I am finding, though, is that Christians are the true stumbling block to Creationism.  Most Christians (and I say this because I have walked and do walk in Christian circles, NOT because I am making judgments based on what I hear) do not take the time to do their research, to actually HEAR what other people say.  So many want to lean on the Bible.  I understand that…I do believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God.  Over the years, many have gone out to disprove Biblical narratives.  What has happened, more often than not, is that the Biblical narrative proves accurate.   

What I want to ask Christians who read this is to please, please do some legwork, do some research.  Don’t believe that what your pastor says is true.  Read the texts.  Dive deeper.  Test the words that are spoken to you.  Buy yourself a book on theology.  Read up on evolution, the Big Bang theory.  Read blogs written by people who don’t have the same set of beliefs as you.  Don’t do it to evangelize.  Do it so that you can prove yourself, so that you can have an educated conversation rather than a “well, this is what my pastor said” conversation.

And for those who may read this…I ask you to do the same.  Rather than reading blogs on what Creationists are saying, check out the research from actual scientists who are leaning toward a Divine creator.  Otherwise you are no better than the closed-minded creationists.  Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Creationism…

  1. My take is this: Why shouldn’t Creationism be taught in public schools? Just because there is a supposed separation between Church and State, it does not negate the fact that a large majority of the world believes in a Supreme-Being-Created-Universe. Therefore, because, both, Creationism and Evolution are theories, whether theological or scientific, it is only proper that both sides be taught.

    My two…

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