Faith and trust

There are seasons in which it’s easy to share, and then there are seasons wherein I go into turtle mode. Today, I know I need to share. As a matter of fact, I know I need to share more. Even though it seems like I wear my heart on my sleeve, I really don’t. Shocking,Continue reading “Faith and trust”


I had a bit of a dialogue with someone regarding my post asking why people are so against Creationism being taught in schools.  I threw down a gauntlet, so to speak, last night.  Though the meat of the argument is ostensibly faulty science, the words used against creationism are mostly inflammatory and subjective–stupid, dumb…again, allContinue reading “Creationism…”

More hypocrisy

There’s something I don’t understand.  Please…help me out here. I don’t understand why people fight so HARD against creationism being taught in schools.  I KNOW that we can’t teach religion in schools.  Frankly, I do NOT want most of the teachers in this country teaching my future children religion.  BUT why do people fight soContinue reading “More hypocrisy”