It’s interesting how life works. 

Last night I wrte about how much I love my job, and today I am contacted by more than one person from my old job, asking me questions that only I can answer.  And then the icky feeling starts to return…you know, the one of dread to get up in the morning.  Then, I remember–oh yeah, I don’t work there anymore.  And frankly, I can’t change the past, I can’t change the leadership (or lack thereof) of that company.  All I can do is give my current job 1000%.  I have a hand in forming the culture of my current environment.  It’s my job to glean the lessons from my past and move forward. 

I don’t know why moving forward is so difficult this time.  I’ve never left a job that it was so difficult to disconnect from.  Perhaps it’s because I gave my all to that place.  I left a part of me there.  The problem is the part of me that was left behind is going to die because noone was willing to hear what I had to say.  They took my criticism as negativity and pessimism rather than a way to improve what was already going well.


One thought on “Whatever…

  1. It isn’t anything with you moving forward, if anything it is them not moving forward. Like you said you have to give your job 100%. If you feel generous to give the old job a quick answer when you can, and when it doesn’t hinder what you are doing now then you are being the “nice girl” If you don’t answer the phone even when you can answer, but chose not to, you’re “busy”

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