Oh my…

Since I’ve been ruminating my perspective on things has changed.  I see everything in snippets of comedy.  Unfortunately, I can’t write most of the things I find utterly amusing online lest someone find out that I’ve been writing about them.  The only exception is my sister…and I tell her as I’m hysterically laughing and typing.

So apparently tomorrow I’m going to meet up with some of my twitter friends tomorrow.  It was kind of sprung upon me at the last minute…but I’m always up for a beer in the city.  Especially at Noddinghead.  Yum…

Tomorrow I am going to a meeting with an investor with my boss.  I’m kind of excited to see him in action.  Having a chance to hit up Starbucks with the encouragement of my boss is definitely an added bonus.  I’ll have to leave the jeans at home and actually dress like I have a job, which is kind of a let down.  Just kidding…I need to be reminded, every once in a while, at work that I’m a girl by wearing feminine clothes.

Yeah.  I really do have a tough life.  Meetings.  Breakfasts.  A boss with a coffee addiction that rivals mine.  Hanging out in the city.  Wow.  I don’t know how I’ll keep up with myself.

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