Creative people

Today we had a meeting with one of the most creative people that I’ve ever met.  We walked into the office, and I just kind of knew that my brain was going to be stretched.  And it was.  It was stretched far beyond its capacity.  I love being stretched.

I think that I am adjusting to my new job fairly well.  I have to admit.  Going from having absolutely no authority to this position is a bit of a culture shock…on so many levels.  Last week I was emailing people, and they were kind of freaking out because they had no idea who the heck I am.  This week, I think that things are settling down a bit.  Ever so slightly.  At least with the people who I work with regularly.  Like the accountant.  And the insurance company.

Last week I made a faux pas.  I was trying to explain why I left my previous job, and even as I was speaking the words, I realized that I was not being objective.  I made a bad impression.  Or at least the incorrect impression.  I realize that the people with whom I worked do not represent their whole country.  But sometimes…when I am talking about the last job…I may seem to not understand that, if you catch my drift.  So now, I have to backpedal a bit…and correct the impression.  And that stinks…because I really do love the people, the culture and the food.  It’s the company…I understand.  It’s the company.

So yeah…I’ve not been writing all that much because my brain is fried.  I’m writing this at 11:33PM…I should be asleep as I have an 8:45 appointment in the morning. 

Wow…it sounds like an airplane just lost its engine over my neighborhood. 

Good night.

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