My life dramatically changed today.  A new door opened up that materialized seemingly out of nowhere.  Something that seriously blows my mind.  I am in completely over my head…but somehow, I know that I can handle it.  Kind of like every experience–good, bad, indifferent–that I’ve ever had has prepared me for this moment in time.

I have to be a woman of integrity (and mystery) for a few more days until a few details are ironed out. 

I am hoping to move into the city–ie Philly–before the end of the year.  I am going to start seriously looking at the end of September.  I know…my timing isn’t so great.  The summer is a better time to find a place with the influx and outflux of students.  But, my life doesn’t work like the average person’s.  I find jobs at the worst time of year.  I started working for the publisher in Boston in November.  Who starts a new job in November?  When I started at the bank, I started in December–again, not the hottest hiring time of the year.  So I am fully sure that I am going to find a fabulous apartment, in the neighborhood that I want to abide, for a price that will make your jaw drop.

Enough of the teaser.  For the next week (ie starting on Monday) I’m going to have a series on change.  It’s yet to take shape/form, but be on the lookout 🙂

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