New Phone & more

I can get used to being on vacation.  I’m going to have to take a week to actually relax sooner than later, since I’ve been kind of running around all week.  Not sight-seeing running around.  Just running to and fro trying to fit everything in that I can’t accomplish when I’m working.  The next week will be dedicated to visiting my Oma.

I got myself a new phone.  With what I do for a living, I’m juggling several schedules, so I upgraded to the Palm Centro.  I really like it.  Texting is now much easier…took a bit to get used to the qwerty keyboard, but I love all of the fancy schmancy features.  I know that just about everyone in the world has lusted over the iPhone.  While I admit it’s pretty, I really love the functionality of my new phone.  Oh yeah.  I can take pictures with my phone.  Take that, iPhone users 🙂

I have big news, coming at the end of the week.  I know you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat, anxiously anticipating the news.  I just have to wait for all of the appropriate people to say yes and to be informed before I can make it public knowledge.  There are a few people who are close to me that I want to tell personally, rather than for them to learn about it here…

Tomorrow I literally have NOTHING on the schedule.  I’m probably going to stay up reading tonight…my book is engrossing.  Tomorrow is pool time.  Or Sbux writing time.  Or both.

2 thoughts on “New Phone & more

  1. i’m all nervous for the big announcement…i feel like you might be the next miss america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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