Exciting stuff goin’ on

There is some exciting stuff going on in my life right now.  The other day, I was so down and out…honestly, driving into work this morning, I was totally down.  Honestly, my circumstances haven’t changed just yet.  But now I have hope. 

Hope is a strange thing.  Intangible, yet life-giving.  I went to YouVersion to do a search on the word hope, and, to my surprise, the book with the most instances of hope is Job.  Yeah…that guy…the only book of the Bible that scares me more than Job is Jonah. 

What is it that has given me hope?  I cannot answer any questions on my blog right now.  If you know me and want to know what’s going on, ask.  But not on here.  Hopefully details will be released sooner than later.

Oh yeah.  I’m on vacation next week.  Anyone in the Philadelphia area want to hang out?  I’m available 🙂

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