How do I start?

I’ve had these ideas rolling around in my head for years.  I want to get them on “paper” but I’m having a tough time beginning.

Any ideas???????????

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3 Responses to How do I start?

  1. chill pastor says:

    I’m glad that you are going to put your thoughts down on paper. God will honor those things that you share with us. I want the first copy…autographed of course…

    Why don’t you send an email to Mark Batterson? He is so reachable and would give you some guidance. Tell him chillpastor says hello…


  2. deneenwhite says:

    Hey Chill,

    Thanks for the idea…I know that Mark Batterson is reachable and acessible…I just never entertained the thought that I should ask him for advice.

    I am laughing like Sarah right now 🙂

  3. mom says:

    Sorry Chill Pastor Mom gets the first copy
    Hey was that the territoral thing I have going on here?!
    Guess it is a generational thing passed on and on
    smiling here very proud full of love

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