Chasing the wind

This morning I decided to change things up a bit on my way into work.  I am protesting listening to a local radio station, Q102, because they abruptly changed their programming.  I understand their reasoning.  Honestly, I’d prefer to listen to music than the ramblings of deejays, but, still.  I was attached. 

But I digress.

This morning, I decided to listen to a podcast.  I have over 100 stored on my ipod because I just haven’t listened to them.  So, I saw one entitled, “Unstuck” and I thought, “Wow, this is for me.”  Let me tell you something. Perry Noble messed me up this morning.  I’m driving up the interstate, stunned, pressed onto my seat, unable to move.  At one point, I started crying. 

For a few months–ok, maybe about a year–I’ve been living with my ostrich head buried in the sand, like a child holding my ears closed so that I couldn’t see or hear the obvious.  I’ve made millions of excuses about why what I thought God said wasn’t the truth.  I’ve abandoned the last thing that God told me.  I’ve been chasing an apparition that I called a career rather than walking in the certainty of what God has promised me.

What apparitions are you chasing in your life?  Are you willing to stop chasing your tail and pursue something that can change the world?


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