Apartment shopping…part deux

Well, today I went apartment shopping…again.  I think that I found two apartments that I would consider renting.  The first is much larger, airy and brighter.  It’s a first floor apartment in a brownstone in Center City.  It also has a gas range/oven, which is conveneint as I cannot cook (well) on electric.  The other apartment is nice as well…but I think that the extra $20 would be well-spent.  Of course, I’ll have to pay for parking (one of the detriments of living in the city) but that is one of the additional costs of living in the city.

I will live close to my friends who live in the city as well.  It’s a nice neighborhood…lots of antique shops and little boutique-y stores, not to mention coffee shops…$5 cab ride almost anywhere in the city.  Safe neighborhood, not far from the theaters, the Kimmel Center, the Reading Terminal Market. 

I’m trying to decide between whether this is a step of faith or irresponsible.  I cannot see how moving forward with my life is irresponsible.  My family is holding on pretty tight…what if…blah blah blah.  Sure, I’d have to tighten the proverbial belt, but I think overall this is a really good move.

If you read this and think of it, please pray for clarity.  This is one of many decisions that are looming at the moment.  I want to make my decisions faithfully and logically rather than emotionally.  So much of my life has been emotion driven…and look where it’s gotten me.  Writing about these things rather than doing them.



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