Extreme Days

I have had a few really tough days.  My emotions have taken over.  I know that work is not personal, so why do I take work so personally? 

I have a friend whose voice resonates in my brain at this moment (but unfortunately not when I’m in the height of my emotional turmoil) telling me, Deneen, this is NOT emotional.  Let’s look at this rationally.  Usually, when he says that to me, I am snapped back into sensibility. 

Right now, work is how I pay my bills.  I like my job.  I like my co-workers.  But I can’t make decisions on who I like.  I have to look at the goals that I have for my life and I have to see if the sacrifices that I am being asked to make work with those goals.  Is what I am learning–the good, bad and ugly–teaching me what I need to learn for the dreams that I have?  Can I see some of the threads of the tapestry being woven?

I have been blessed by some men of God who are holding my arms up, encouraging me during some of the roughest moments in recent history.  These are men that I have never met, aside from twitter and facebook and blogging.  Yet they encourage me.  Thanks to David Ballard and Mark Cole for your encouragement.  I don’t know if I could be blogging right now about the last few days with any bit of sanity had God not used you.  There are a few other people that I have to thank too..but I think that I’ll have to let Hallmark do the talking to those guys. 


2 thoughts on “Extreme Days

  1. Hey Deneen,

    I haven’t commented in a while and just wanted to encourage you to continue to examine your life – I pray the Holy Spirit will guide you and that you will understand where he is leading you. You’ve got some tough decisions to make. I pray that you find some peace soon.


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