What next?

I find myself in a new situation.  Uncharted territory.  I really like my job.  Not all the junk that goes along with it…but the job itself, I really like.  I like the industry.  But it seems that I am at an impasse.  We are at an impasse.  I can’t agree to their terms and my terms cannot will not be met.  Do I take the “promotion” that will cost me money?  Is a potential “career advancing opportunity” worth driving 50 miles (one way) per day, sitting in the car for 1 hour and 15 minutes (one way?)  In a company that seems to only respect men and people of the same nationality?  I can never be a man (I mean, I could, but I don’t want to be a man…I like being a woman) and though I love their culture and food, I’ll never be their nationality.  So, I’ve pretty much reached my career potential already.

Usually when I find myself in this situation, I am ready to go.  It is on my terms.  I make a decision and I follow through, not worrying about the consequences.  But now, I have a relationship with the doctors.  I like the AA in the office.  One may say that I have matured, that I’m all growed up.

But what can I do?  I don’t want to be an AA.  Ever again.  I looked through those posting and felt ill.  I wouldn’t mind working for a publisher, but I want to be in Philadelphia.  I really like the dental industry, but I am not a dentist.  I have made some fantastic contacts and developed some great relationships over the past year. 

So, I have some decisions to make.  I hope that the friendships that I have developed are true friendships.  Otherwise I will truly be back at square one.  And I don’t really know where that is. 

3 thoughts on “What next?

  1. Hey there! John Maxwell says we don’t quit jobs, we quit people. I’m in a sometimes uncomfortable situation at my “new” job (since August 07). Our tendency is to run when there’s trouble, frustration or imperfection. What could be learned or gained if you endure for a little while? I moved my family to a small town 60 miles away from my “day job” nearly 4 years ago with the hopes of transitioning to a full time church job leading worship, etc. I couldn’t quit my “day job” and the full time gig never materialized. Sure, I led worship full time there and got paid a little, but was spending around $400 a month on gas, driving 120 miles round trip 5 days a week. I missed my wife and boys terribly. I tried to make the most of it and put my Audible.com subscription and iPod to good use, listening to lots of books and learning lots. We finally said “enough” and eventually ended up at my new church job as of August 2007. This hasn’t been everything I though… lots of waiting, patience and plodding along – balancing change and steady, slow growth. Multiple challenges with no clear-cut reasons as to why. It isn’t really a frying-pan into the fire kind of thing. It’s just different. I say life’s not like the brochure. I’m trying to hang in there and change myself if necessary. We’re about to buy a house and really commit. In fact, I just got my new license for the state and new car tags. I feel almost officially moved here now. I don’t know if any of this helps, but I will say, that 1 hour 1-way drive every day helped with decompression and gave me creative, thinking time. Sometimes I really miss that and drive around aimlessly to try and replicate that. I’ll pray that you end up where God wants and that you’ll quickly see the direction and plan for where you are right now.

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