Something changed…but what?

So, this weekend is coming to a close.  Nothing ostensibly has changed, but something has shifted.  I don’t know what has changed, but there is a new bounce in my step.

I find myself becoming the girl that I’ve always sworn I would not…getting my nails done consistently, tanning.  Yeah.  Pale old Deneen is now tanning.  What is happening to me?  Maybe I’m turning into a girl.  Ugh…don’t let that rumor get around.

Today I had a productive day.  I started off at Starbucks…good skinny vanilla latte and reduced fat breakfast sandwich.  Then, I got my nails done first thing in the morning.  My nail lady made a joke (first time that ever happened…) so it definitely started my day off well.  Then I went to the gym to attempt to get my card and to set up an appointment with a trainer.  (Don’t get all excited…I get the first one free, but I am considering paying the fee for a few sessions to guide me and help me meet my goals.)  I made a rocking dinner–mac and cheese, seafood casserole, braised kale, asparagus.  Yummo.  Then my sister and I went tanning.  First time I’ve ever done that.  Those six minutes flew by.  It’s been about two hours and I don’t feel burnt.  I’ll probably go back tomorrow.  And then I’ve ended my day with a skinny caramel latte with caramel drizzle and some after-sun moisturizer.  Good times.

I am starting to feel good about myself.  Nothing has really changed, but I am valuing myself a bit more.  not in a self-centered-I-am-awesome-and-everyone-else-sucks kind of way.  Somehow I’ve forgotten that I am valuable, but through helping someone realize his value, I’ve begun to realize mine.  It is funny how it seems to happen that way…when you give to others, you get more back though you are not expecting it.

Watch out world.  Imagine what could happen if a whole bunch of people learn to find value in other people and consequently in themselves.  The whole world could change.  For the better.  Just a thought.

One thought on “Something changed…but what?

  1. there’s nothing wrong with THAT girl…LOL…i just so happen to be her…& Kate loves a mani-pedi too…it’s genetic…you’ve just been ignoring her! 🙂 i’m obsessed with the feeling of relaxation i get from tanning…it’s like you just had a really good nap!

    i love that you’re taking the time to love you…it’s the best part about being a girl…all the “sprinkles” that come with life! we’ve got to get together! 🙂

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