Apartment shopping

Today I went apartment shopping.  After much dragging of my feet, I am looking to move into the city…Philadelphia that is.  Apartment hunting is really an interesting task. 

First, you look through pages and pages of apartments that people are looking to sell you.  Then, you find a few that catch your eye–according to price, location, amenities, a mixture of the above. 

Then, you attempt to contact the people who are peddling the living spaces.  Some are extremely accomodating–willing to squeeze you in before a wedding.  Others misrepresent the location of the apartment to make it appear much more attractive than it really is.  Still others are not at all accomodating, unwillingly to show an apartment outside of the 9-5 time frame.  (This last one, BTW, confuses me.  In this uncertain market, shouldn’t you be trying to get me to rent your place?) 

Then you go see the few apartments that make it through the above process.  One tenant showed me her apartment today.  She was very nice.  Her kindness made want to rent her place.  Climbing a ladder like Little House and the Prairie deterred me.  Deneen + a few drinks + a ladder = DISASTER.  Anywho.  The other lady was anxious to rent me the apartment so that she didn’t have to go through the hassle of showing the place. 

So, after looking at a few places, I’m still looking.


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