Checking in…

I had an interesting weekend.  Very interesting to say the least. 

At work we had our first “condensed” training, meaning that for two straight days, I was immersed in the dental world..drills, dentists, dental implants.  Honestly, it’s a world that I like.  But…what people don’t realize is all of the work (and stress) that goes into pulling one of these things off.  Multiply it by two, and I need to blow off some steam.

I went out on Saturday and found myself unable to drive myself home.  Fortunately, I have a good friend who is probably one of the last gentlemen on earth who took care of me.  His parents should be proud.  I would be if he were my son.  Unfortunately, I didn’t call home to let them know that I wasn’t coming home…yeah…the family was a little upset.  Except for my sister.  She was highly amused. 

Saturday night leaves me conflicted.  I felt like I did in high school.  The guys would always talk to me about their girl issues…Deneen, why this?  Deneen, why that?  Deneen, do you think that she’ll like this?  Deneen, what does this mean?  I find it comforting that guys trust me enough to ask me questions  I find it kind of flattering as well.  But…there is a little part of me that wants to stand up and say, “Hey, what about me?”  Maybe I am a girl after all. 

But this is turning all too quickly into the rambling of exhaustion. 

If anyone has insight on the male mind, please let me know.  The next time my friend and I get together, I am going to pick his brain 🙂

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