Blog neglect

alive.jpgI have totally been neglecting my blog.  Busy-ness, frustration…lots of stuff going on.  I also have to admit that I am addicted to twitter…which I kind of use as an ongoing blog. 

God has been working so much out in my life over the past few months…sometimes, however, it feels more like all hell is breaking loose rather than God working.  I’ll give you an example.  For a few days this week, I had good days.  Everything really looked like it was going to work out well for me.  Just as I wanted things to work out.  Then I had a meeting with three men that I really respect.  And I realized that everything looked smooth, but the current under the water was running really strong.  I had been floating along, not recognizing the undertoe.  Surprised, I get pulled under the proverbial water.  I sent out an SOS to the people in my company who make decisions.  And…noone threw me a lifejacket.  Noone said anything.  Crickets.  I asked a friend to pray for direction, and let me tell you something.  I got the answer MUCH FASTER than I anticipated. 

I spoke with a friend yesterday.  We hadn’t really spoken in a while…and it was like we had spoken yesterday  I love that.  We made plans to hang out…in two weeks.  That is how you know a) you’re getting old and b) you’re too busy.  We’re going to have dinner in Rittenhouse Square and I’m gonna show her the hotspots 🙂  I can’t wait!

In family news, a nasty stomach bug has invaded our house over the past three weeks.  Everyone in the house has succumb aside from yours truly (knock on wood.)  Hopefully the nastiness has left the house and we can resume life as normal.  Who has time for illness when we have little league baseball starting?  My oldest nephew is in the majors this year (I can’t believe I’m old enough for that) and the youngest nephew is on a coach-pitch team.  (We all hated t-ball last year…he was bored and I made the kids cry by emphatically cheering…good times.) 

I’m looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the next few months.  I sense some kind of change on the horizon.  I don’t know what…but even as I type this, I’m getting some butterflies in the stomach. 

It’s time to resume life.  Off pool shopping.  This summer, I’m gonna spend my weekends dunking my niece, nephews and sister!

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