What on earth am I still doing awake?

Yeah, so I sit here yawning (as you probably are now as well) and I am wondering why I am awake.  I know why…I’ve been avoiding writing (like in my journal, not here) for the past 24 hours.  I’m scared to write some things down. So, instead of facing my fear and sleeping, I sit at the kitchen table telling you that I am scared.  Really rational, eh?  🙂

I’m officially in a March Madness bracket challenge.  I daresay that I am going to kick the butts of the people with whom I am playing.  I love talking trash.  It will be a shame if I lose miserably.  I feel bad for everyone if I win, though.  All I have to say is GO DUKE!  (I have them winning it all.  I can hope and dream, right?)

Well, I’m going to cease avoiding the inevitable.  Time to write and pass out.

Until tomorrow.

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