Props to INGdirect

Well, today I had a new experience.  I got a call from one of those recordings….blah blah debit/credit card blah blah please call.  I was annoyed…if you have something important to tell me, please don’t send me a recording to my phone.  Have a living, breathing person take the 3 minutes to call me.

Fast forward to 6PM.  I’m at my parking lot  They have my car parked on the top level so that when I get there, I can leave quickly.  One guy is driving my car, without receiving my ticket, while the other is processing my payment.  Imagine my shock when my card is declined.  Oh no, I say.  There must be a mistake.  I know that there is money in my account.  Attempt #2.  Declined.  Now I’m panicking.  He sees the freak out coming on.  Don’t worry.  I’ll pay for it.  You can pay me on Monday.  Really?  No…well, I have no other choice.  Thank  you.  Face red, sweating, I drive away, thanking God that I treat my car parker dudes like they deserve to be treated.  And that I tip them.  Well. 

So, I get in my car and, while in the state of PA (’cause it’s illegal in NJ) I call the number I should have called in the morning.  And I find out that a company tried to use my credit card.  Without my authorization.  Whew.  Thank God for risk management departments.  Seriously.  Yeah…it freaking sucks that my debit card has been canceled.  And I’m going to be over 1000 miles away from home.  Without access to my flipping money.  But it could have been worse.  That SOB could have tapped into my account, when I had a lot of money in it (lol…like that happens) and it could have gone unnoticed.

So, I’m thankful for ING Direct and its risk management company for protecting me.  But…the freaking *blank blank blank* who used my credit card number…I’m glad that you got caught and I hope that you get what you deserve I show you grace and I will pray for you.

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