Adventure cometh

san-antonio.jpgI cannot wait to get away this weekend.  I know that I am going on a work-related trip, but I really need some sort of adventure…to go somewhere that I’ve never been and take the time to explore a little bit. I need the quiet…the quiet of a place where there are few distractions.  I need to get away from internet access.  I need to turn off the cell phone.  I need to bust out the camera and soak in the sights. 

I want desperately to let my hair down, to be around someone safe for a while.  My arms ache from the guard that I hold up.  My skin is pale from the walls that surround me.  My eyes are sensitive to the light that my soul craves.  Yet, I know that I must walk forward and see what God has in store for these few days.

My spirit longs for something more…this trip is a precursor to what is to come.  It is time to spread my wings and soar.  To enjoy the process of soaring, letting the wind lift me up, high above where I can go on my own.  It is time to feel the wind in my hair, the rain on my skin; it is time to smell the roses, to climb the mountains; to tear of the coat of complacency and put on the robe of righteousness.  It is time to claim all of the things that God has promised to me.

And to think…all of this has been fueled by the fire in someone else’s eyes, the life that emanates from another.

2 thoughts on “Adventure cometh

  1. & where would you be going this weekend, my dear?? i can feel the goosebumps when i read this…I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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